Portland Corporative Credit Union

Earner Plus Deposit

Savings is very important and with a minimum of $500.00 to start, you can earn from our competitive rates of interest. Interest is calculated monthly and is paid twice per annum.

Your funds are available at your convenience using the Access Plus Debit Cards at any ATM Machines displaying the MULTILINK sign. Point of Sale payments can be made via the Access Plus Debit Card at any business place displaying the MULTILINK sign.

Portland Co-opertive Credit Union Head Office

31 West Street, Port Antonio P.O. Box 51, Portland Jamaica West Indies

Telephone Contact

1 (876) 993-2608
1(876) 993-2806
Fax: 1 (876) 993-2003

Our Telephone System Is Down

The main telephone system at the 
Portland Cooperative Credit Union is 
Temporarily Out of Service. 
Sorry for the inconvenience caused, service will be restored at the earliest possible time. 
In the interim you may contact the Credit Union at following numbers. 
Tel: (876) 562-9038 (876) 584-3758, (876) 401-8219 (876) 5842382
Buff Bay Branch (876) 913-6812, (876) 996 1778 (876) 401-8063