Catch & Match Ur Stash Winner – 2nd Cycle

Private Ricardo Hopwood, a member of the JDF Co-operative Credit Union poses with his $142,050 cheque representing the amount he grabbed in the money machine during the Credit Union Catch & Match Ur Stash promotion at Up Park Camp on Friday. He is being assisted by Mrs. Diana Blake-Bennett (left) Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League’s Marketing & Communications Manager while Mrs. Pat Tomlinson (right) Manager, JDF Co-operative Credit Union looks.

The amount that Private Hopwood grabbed was matched, bringing it to $284,100. He also received another $100,000 when his name was drawn from the drum. This brings his total prize money to $384,100. The total possible win in the second cycle of the promotion was $500,000.

$1m is now up for grabs in the third cycle of the promotion that will end on December 31, 2010. To qualify Credit Union members must deposit a minumum of $15,000 in an account at their Credit Unions.