Credit Union League Launches Sammy Saver Mascot

Undaunted by the weather hundreds of children turned out at Emancipation Park on International Credit Union Day, October 15, to greet Sammy Saver, the Credit Union Treasure Chest Mascot.>

Sammy Saver was all the craze as he stepped out for the first time to greet kids at the launch carried live on RJR. The children were all agog with laughter and cheers as Sammy danced his way into their hearts teaching them the Sammy Swing and distributing tokens.

Sammy Saver whom the children had been seeing on television for almost a year is the mascot used to promote the Credit Union Treasure Chest saving product for youth savers. The product introduced by the Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League 2007-2008 targets children ages 0-9 and 10-15 in the Starlet and Dollar Wizard categories, respectively.

Children in the Starlet Savers category are encouraged to save a minimum of $200 per month while Dollar Wizards are required to deposit a minimum of Five Hundred ($500) per month.

Sammy Saver will be visiting cCedit Unions, schools and other events patronized by children as the Movement seeks to promote the Credit Union principle of thrift among children.