Family Indemnity Plan

family_ammnitiesThis is special life insurance plan for our members, which is offered by the Credit Union in collaboration with CUNA Mutual Insurance Society.

The plan is affordable and one low monthly premium covers up to six members of your family if they are eligible for coverage.

Who Is Covered?

Any member, spouse, or any combination of up to two (2) parents or parents-in-law of the member, all of whom have not yet attained age seventy-six (76) at the time of enrolment.
Children of the member, including dependent children under legal guardianship of the member, who are not married and are ages one (I) through twenty-five (25), permanently disabled children for the duration of their lives if enrolled prior to age twenty-six (26).

Only those persons bearing one of the above relationships to the member are eligible for coverage and no more than two parents in total for the duration of the certificate.

How does the Family Indemnity Plan work?

Five coverage options are available so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. The premium cost varies according to the plan you select and can be quoted when you enroll. Benefits are paid as follows: