About Portland Co-orporative Credit Union



family_ammnitiesThe Portland Co-operative Credit Union is the family financial institution, wholly owned by Portlanders and operated to meet their needs.

The Credit Union is developed on the principle of people pooling their resources, and working together to help one another, for the economic and social development of every citizen and the community of Portland.

The Credit Union programmes satisfy the needs of the very young to the very old.  The programmes start at the Children’s Savings Plan and end with the Senior Citizen Savings Plan and Family Indemnity Plan.

The primary goal is to meet and exceed the member’s expectation.  To accomplish this goal, a wide range of reasonably priced financial and support services are provided using the most effective and customer friendly delivery format.

In addition to providing competitively priced products, much concern is placed on the members comfort and satisfaction.  Consequently, the general layout of the offices is designed to expedite product delivery and enhance privacy and confidentiality of the member business transactions.

Over the years the Credit Union has established and maintained a positive relationship with the community.  Through its community outreach programme it has sponsored major competitions and offer contribution and donations to various social projects and civic organizations.  Assistance is also provided to students, as well as ongoing support provided to educational programmes.

As part of the fulfillment of its corporate responsibility, the officers of the Credit Union are allowed, during work time, to participate in various community activities and projects.

The Credit Union is viewed by many members as the best place for their entire financial business.



The purpose of the Credit Union is to encourage thrift through regular savings by the members. From the savings accumulated, loans are granted to members to assist them in obtaining a better lifestyle for themselves and their families.

Why Become A Member?

Remember, your Credit Union belongs to you!!
As more of us join together in owning and controlling our finances, the greater will be the benefits to fellow members, families and the country at large.


Among the benefits of becoming a member are:

  • The right to select from the membership representatives who will serve as officers of the Credit Union
  • Fully paid Life Insurance
  • Fully paid Loan Protection
  • The right to determine how the surplus/profit of the Credit Union is appropriated.

How do I become a member?

Becoming a member is easy!!

  • Complete the membership application form
  • Valid identification: drivers licence, voters registration card, passport
  • Pay a minimum of $1000 to share account and $ 100 for entrance fee

Our Annual Report 2014

Download a copy of this report by clicking on the image below.